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Depression and Substance Abuse

The link between depression and substance abuse is well documented. Actually, people with mental health disorders often times have a substance use disorder as well and vice versa. The connection between the two conditions is strong, making it difficult to determine the causes. In either case, depression and substance abuse treatment at Memphis Recovery Centerswill…

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Choosing an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center

Well over a million Americans are affected by a diagnosable opioid problem. To make an effective recovery, each person requires some form of opioid addiction treatment. However, opioid treatment programs vary significantly in quality. If you are interested in an opioid addiction treatment center in Memphis, TN, you must choose your facility carefully. But how…

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3 Benefits of a Youth Rehab

Every year, millions of American teens and pre-teens experience serious issues with alcohol or drugs. As with adults, these issues require professional treatment. However, the treatments that benefit adults are not always the best options for adolescents. Instead, teens and pre-teens often benefit from more specialized care. At Memphis Recovery Centers, our youth rehab center…