At MRC, we take a multidisciplinary approach to substance abuse recovery for adults and adolescents. Evidence-based therapies set the foundation for success, but experiential therapies can enhance the recovery process. In fact, many of our patients have reaped the benefits of music and art therapy.

How Music and Art Therapy Helps the Recovery Process

Sobriety involves more than just ceasing drug or alcohol consumption. Evidence-based therapies analyze negative thought patterns and seek to replace them with new, positive behaviors. Once individuals realize they don’t need drugs or alcohol to cope with life’s obstacles, true healing can begin. However, in many cases, substance abuse has encompassed their entire life, and they’re left with a void.

Integrating music and art therapy provides a healthy outlet for patients that encourages expression, relieves stress, and helps develop new-found coping skills. It also encourages self-discovery, as patients can develop a deeper appreciation for themselves. For instance, learning how to play a new instrument or creatively crafting a piece of artwork promotes self-discipline that patients might not have known existed. Creative expression has tremendous value in a well-rounded addiction treatment program.

Benefits of a Music and Art Therapy Program

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Finding a new passion can be exciting for patients struggling with substance abuse. Music and art therapy have proven to be helpful in managing physical, emotional, and cognitive issues. Furthermore, music and art therapy allow the individual to communicate their fears, thoughts, and feelings in situations where words and other methods of expression may fail.

Music and art therapy at MRC has helped many patients:

An Essential Part of a Long-Term Recovery Program

At MRC in Memphis, Tennessee, we’ve helped patients with substance abuse recovery for over 40 years. No two patients are alike, which is why we offer individualized treatment programs to maximize you or your loved one’s recovery. Our caring staff will analyze your needs and develop a plan to effectively combat your addiction. Following treatment, we also offer a comprehensive aftercare plan to help you maintain your new-found sobriety. We offer a range of evidence-based and holistic treatment options, all of which we have designed to ensure the long-term sobriety of each patient. Our therapeutic methods include:

Utilizing a combination of evidence-based and holistic treatments is vital to a patient’s long-term recovery. Holistic treatments heal addiction’s damage more comprehensively than evidence-based therapies. However, experts in addiction treatment have studied evidence-based therapies, and they know that these treatments effectively treat addiction. When a treatment center uses a combination of these therapies, the patient is more likely to address the cause of addiction and enter into long-term recovery.

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At Memphis Recovery Centers, we know how much damage addiction can do to a person’s life. However, we also know that it is possible to enter into a long-lasting recovery. With the help of a music and art therapy program, you have the power to address addiction’s damage to your life. Then, you can overcome your condition and start the healing process. We offer a range of addiction treatment options, including:

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