Alcohol addiction is a common problem among teens and adults. It’s so common that people have a hard time noticing when those around them have a problem. Alcohol abuse doesn’t always leave people’s lives in shambles. However, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous.

Defining Alcohol Addictiongroup participates in alcohol addiction treatment

Many people have a hard time identifying people who have drinking problems. They usually associate drinking a bottle of liquor at night with alcohol abuse. While this is true, it’s not the only way to identify people with drinking problems.

People’s habits often signal that they suffer from alcohol addiction. Alcohol abuse starts when they drink as a regular part of their lives. Once this happens, addiction isn’t far behind.

It’s important to note that there’s a big difference between alcohol abuse and addiction. With alcohol abuse, people still have control over their own actions. They may not want to stop drinking, but they could. Addiction is a mental disease that makes people lose all control.

When it comes to alcohol addiction, people usually equate it to having a problem with hard liquor. However, it’s not the only type of alcohol that can cause an issue.

The Rising Popularity of Beer

Beer has become synonymous with American culture. College students typically use beer when they play drinking games. A rise in craft beer has even made drinking it fashionable.

Compared to other alcoholic drinks such as liquor and wine, beer contains a low amount of alcohol per volume. However, this doesn’t mean that people who drink beer aren’t at risk for alcohol addiction.

Is Wine Addiction Possible?

People generally think of beer as an alcoholic drink for men. Generally speaking, however, wine is the drink of choice among many women. While men and women drink wine, studies show that women make up over half of the wine drinkers in America.

Wines are usually fruitier in flavor than beer, which often makes them easier to drink. The problem is that most wine has a higher alcohol content, making it easier to abuse wine. To make matters worse, many doctors even recommend a glass of red wine with dinner. People with alcohol problems use this excuse to drink more.

Get Help for Alcohol Addiction

Admitting that you or a loved one needs help is a brave thing to do. At Memphis Recovery, we reward your bravery with customized care that you can count on for sustainable sobriety. We offer personalized substance abuse treatment plans for a number of drugs, including alcohol. Some of the programs that we provide include:

We also offer a comprehensive aftercare program that lasts for six months. The goal of this program is to continue providing support for people after they’ve completed rehab. During this time, we continue to give you the same care and attention that you’ve come to expect from Memphis Recovery.

To promote holistic healing, we provide other stress-relieving activities like yoga and meditation groups. The goal of these activities is to keep you stress-free while you focus on rehab.

Alcohol abuse is a dangerous problem. Making matters even worse, it’s more common than most people realize. Since people can find alcohol in nearly any store, they don’t consider the drug to be dangerous. However, professional alcohol treatment is a must for people who suffer from addiction.

Why Is Alcohol Treatment Important?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists alcohol as a dangerous drug. In fact, tens of thousands of deaths are the result of excessive alcohol use every year.

The CDC warns that alcohol abuse is on the rise because of people’s ages when they first try the drug. It’s common among adults, but teens and young adults also show signs of alcohol abuse and addiction. The CDC believes that young adults get their first taste of alcohol far too young.

Studies show that people who drink at a young age are much more likely to develop an addiction. Experts believe that this increased risk is because of the effects of alcohol on the undeveloped body and brain.

Alcohol Poisons the Body

Why do people need to seek alcohol treatment? Drinking large amounts of alcohol over a short period can cause alcohol poisoning. This toxic amount of alcohol can lead to coma or even death. Unfortunately, most people don’t even see alcohol poisoning coming. All it takes is one night of partying too much for it to put people’s lives at risk.

Another way that alcohol negatively affects the body is that it doesn’t get the nutrients it needs through alcohol. People who drink excessively get the majority of their calorie intake from alcoholic drinks. As a result, their nutritional needs aren’t met, which leads to serious health issues.

Also, too much drinking can cause damage to organs in the body. Damaging these organs may result in the development of life-threatening diseases. Many of these diseases start in the liver, which has to work overtime when people drink too much.

Alcohol Affects the Brain

There are detrimental effects of alcohol on the brain, as well. Alcohol causes a chemical imbalance in the brain. This imbalance makes people crave alcohol. When their bodies don’t get the alcohol that they crave, some people develop mood disorders along with alcoholism. Further, severe alcohol addiction can lead to brain damage, which is irreversible.

Let Memphis Recovery Help You Put a Stop to Alcohol Abuse

If you want to stop abusing alcohol, you need to seek professional help. At Memphis Recovery, we create custom treatment plans for all of our clients. Our goal is to provide unique care that addresses their primary concerns. We offer several unique programs of which our clients can take advantage, including:

Don’t let yourself or a loved one suffer from alcohol abuse any longer. Let us show you how to take your life back from alcohol abuse and addiction. Reach out to our staff today at 866-672-7378, or contact us online to find out how we can help you.