Substance addiction affects all socioeconomic levels.  Even individuals who once had vast financial resources can find themselves destitute from the ravages of addiction.  As a non-profit addiction treatment provider, Memphis Recovery Centers keeps overhead costs down so that we can provide addiction and co-occurring treatment services at reasonable rates. We work with individual patients to help them get consideration regardless of their financial status.

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Since 1970, Memphis Recovery Centers has had a mission to help people restore their lives and conquer their addiction. Our non-profit addiction treatment facility attracts professional clinical staff with a passion for helping others. We put the dignity and success of our patients at the forefront of all care practices.

Recovery Programs at Memphis Recovery Centers

No two people are alike in recovery. Each person has their own set of needs and treatment goals. Whether you’re a business professional struggling with an alcohol addiction or a college student addicted to Adderall, our addiction treatment programs can teach you how to live a substance-free life.

We offer:

For those seeking recovery, we offer various payment options. Not only do we accept many in-network health insurance providers, but we also accept direct cash and major credit card payments as well.

Multiple Levels of Care

At MRC, we believe in providing the most comprehensive recovery program possible. Our continuum of care generally begins at the inpatient drug rehab level to help individuals establish structure and accountability in early recovery. We also use an intensive outpatient program or partial hospitalization program to ease the transition back into everyday life.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

This type of rehab program involves spending a month or more at a rehab center. Staying on campus eliminates outside influences and triggers. More importantly, inpatient drug rehab allows you to focus solely on recovery.

Also known as residential treatment, an inpatient drug rehab program provides individuals with valuable resources needed to overcome addiction. The length of treatment depends upon the needs of each individual, so patients are given time to step back and see the big picture of life without drugs or alcohol. It also gives therapists time to discover the underlying reasons and root causes of addiction, which helps to prevent future relapses.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program offers a flexible addiction treatment solution, allowing individuals to continue living their daily lives. Instead of staying onsite like in residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient programs allow people to live at home.

Despite being able to live at home, individuals still go to the rehab center for treatment sessions. How often they attend treatment and the length of these sessions vary greatly between rehab centers. However, sessions typically last upwards of three hours. Also, some centers also require clients to check in daily.

Partial Hospitalization Program

A partial hospitalization program provides increased medical supervision for individuals seeking addiction recovery. In some cases, individuals step down to PHP after completing a residential program. While it offers similar benefits to an inpatient program, individuals return home at night after receiving treatment.

Beyond receiving specialized treatment for withdrawal complications or other medical issues, partial hospitalization involves a psychiatric evaluation. Medical professionals use this to determine the type of therapeutic activities that patients should engage in. Depending on the rehab center and its practices, that evaluation could also determine if medication should be part of the program. If necessary, professional staff can administer medication and also monitor patient stability to avoid over-medicating.

Start Healing Today at Memphis Recovery

Addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Memphis Recovery can help you or someone you love live a productive, substance-free future. Call our non-profit addiction treatment center today at 866-672-7378, or contact us online.