Struggling with an addiction to Adderall is incredibly frustrating. The side effects can impact all areas of life, including health, finances, and mental wellbeing. Fortunately, help is available. The right treatment offers an end to the unpleasant side effects of Adderall addiction.

Reduced Motor Coordination

A woman decides she has an Adderall addiction and needs treatmentOften, the most common side effect of Adderall addiction is loss of motor control and coordination. Everyday tasks can be challenging when under the constant and chronic influence of the drug.

Additionally, many people who struggle with Adderall addiction notice physical symptoms relating to loss of motor control. Poor hand eye coordination and slurred speech are common. Blurred vision is also likely.

When someone is abusing Adderall, they often appear drunk. In some cases, these symptoms resemble the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Memory Loss

Adderall is a stimulant. This means it speeds up certain bodily functions. Unfortunately, the drug can also drastically impact the ability to create and store memories.

Taking Adderall on a regular basis might leave users with memory lapses. Sometimes called blackouts, they are periods of fuzzy or non-existent memories. Additionally, consistent Adderall use impacts long-term memory. This means you’ll start to forget important memories, some of which could form the basis of behavior and personality.


One of the scariest and most unexpected symptoms of Adderall addiction is seizures. Over time, the constant stimulation of a drug like Adderall can be traumatic and stressful. The body’s nervous system may react to the drug by seizing.

To make things worse, seizures lead to additional problematic side effects. For example, if a user has a seizure while driving they could cause serious injury to themselves or others.

Aggressive or Paranoid Behavior

Overall, the most worrying Adderall side effects are physical. However, it’s important not to ignore the dangerous psychological symptoms that arise as well. Depression and anxiety are both common. Changes to behavior including paranoia, aggression, and anger may occur as well.

Individuals abusing Adderall might notice the development of a serious temper. They may be paranoid about friends and family members, interpreting kind remarks as threats. Adderall users are prone to violent, aggressive behavior, even if they never acted that way before drug use.

Problems With Work, Finances, and Relationships

Adderall addiction can spill over and impact all areas of life. Adderall users might lose their job and struggle to stay financially afloat. Additionally, they might alienate themselves from loved ones, lose relationships, and withdraw from social activity.

Treating an Adderall Addiction at Memphis Recovery Centers

At Memphis Recovery Centers, in Memphis, Tennessee, drug addiction treatment can end Adderall addiction. Recovery is always achievable through a combination of treatment methods and programs types. Whether incoming patients opt for residential care or outpatient programs, they can expect the same quality treatment.

The therapies and treatment methods for prescription drug addiction we offer include:

Fighting Adderall addiction is the only way to end the drug’s side effects. At Memphis Recovery Center you’ll have access the necessary resources to permanently overcome addiction. Call 866-672-7378 to begin your journey to recovery today.