The recovery programs at Memphis Recovery Centers truly believe that addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. As part of our adult treatment program in Memphis, TN, we offer various programs for men and women seeking addiction recovery. These programs are self-paced and built upon specialized plans designed by the patient and their counselor.

For over 40 years, we have helped individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction disorders. It is time for us to help you and your loved ones with an individualized addiction treatment approach.

A man with a beard and mustache wearing a tie.Gender-Specific Treatment

When it comes to recovery, men and women face inherently different issues. Because of this, our adult treatment program features gender-responsive care. A gender-specific environment promotes more openness and honesty during the treatment process. It allows men and women to discuss issues that might feel uncomfortable in a mixed-sex atmosphere.

Men can interact with peers and express their experiences as fathers, sons, and brothers. While on the other hand, women can work with other women and open up about themselves as mothers, daughters, and sisters. We all have unique needs and experiences regarding addiction, triggers, and recovery. Our men’s and women’s rehab programs promote healing in safe, same-gendered environments.

What Does Our Adult Treatment Program Include?

Men and women who enroll in our adult rehab program can take advantage of numerous therapeutic approaches, including:

At Memphis Recovery Centers, we understand that no two individuals are the same. Our professionals work closely with all individuals to establish the best treatment plan for their individual needs.

Treatment may include a combination of evidence-based and recreational therapies to promote overall wellness. With licensed counselors and peers, you will strengthen healthy coping skills and create a support network to prevent relapse.

Another facet of adult treatment programs in Memphis, TN, is specialized substance abuse treatment programs. To meet an individual’s needs, the programs need to address the issues caused by specific substances abused. For example, we provide the following programs:

Multiple Levels of Care to Fit Your Unique Needs

Most people who enroll at Memphis Recovery Centers will begin their treatment at the residential or inpatient drug rehab level. Afterward, we encourage clients to continue with treatment by moving through the following levels of care:

The First Step to Sobriety

Addiction is a debilitating and chronic disease. To overcome it, individuals need to commit to change. Our addiction treatment center can lead affected individuals down the path to sustainable recovery.

From men’s and women’s rehab to dual diagnosis treatment, our adult treatment program in Tennessee can help you move on after addiction. Connect with your friends and loved ones again and pick up a new or old hobby. Healthy living starts today.

Don’t struggle with addiction for another moment. Contact us online to learn more about our adult treatment program. You can also call 901-272-7751 to speak with a specialist about what to bring to rehab and to verify health insurance coverage. Tomorrow is a brand new day for addiction recovery.