All of the best rehab centers offer custom treatment plans for their clients. They take a lot into consideration, including the gender of the client. While it’s true that some coed rehab centers offer individual plans, few can capture the effectiveness of gender-specific centers. Women’s rehab centers are essential to getting females the help that they need to overcome addiction. To learn more about the treatment options available, please contact Memphis Recovery Centers at 901-272-7751.

Women’s Rehab Identifies Specific TriggersA man with a beard and mustache wearing a tie.

Men and women have specific triggers that can cause a relapse. In most cases, they don’t just start using drugs out of the blue. Through therapy and counseling, therapists help people get to the root cause of their addiction. It’s important to determine the cause to avoid relapse in the future.

Studies show that most women take drugs because there’s something in their lives that they want to avoid. For example, maybe a woman is in an abusive relationship. Instead of dealing with the problem, she does drugs. Some women do drugs to help them deal with other disorders such as body dysmorphia.

In the two examples above, these are issues that women deal with more often than men. Since men don’t deal with these issues as often, it makes it hard for them to relate to these struggles. Treatment options such as group therapy are less effective when people aren’t able to relate to each other. The reason is that they can’t build a support system.

Dealing With Emotions

Both men and women have to deal with emotions during rehab. However, therapists have to address certain emotions more in women, including:

  • Sadness
  • Guilt
  • Embarrassment
  • Loneliness
  • Helplessness

Although men can feel these emotions as well, studies show that women feel them more frequently. Also, a women’s rehab center usually makes women feel like they have more opportunities to explore what causes these emotions.

Gender-Specific Rehabs Makes It Easier to Open Up

Experts say that women feel more comfortable opening up about their problems when members of the opposite sex aren’t around. Likewise, men are more likely to open up about their insecurities when women aren’t around.

In a blind study, researchers looked at individuals who went to both gender-specific and coed rehab centers. It found that it’s easier for most people to talk to others at gender-specific rehab facilities. Some participants said that it was easier to open up because everyone shared similar problems, which helped them connect.

Some experts blame this phenomenon on gender roles in society. Regardless of the reason, it’s important that women open up about their issues. The road to healing can only start after they address the root cause of their addiction.

Mental Health Treatment Options

Many women begin using drugs or alcohol because they are trying to self-medicate a mental health condition. Conversely, their addiction may have caused mental health problems. With the help of dual diagnosis treatment, we are able to provide you with the tools you need to manage your mental health. We offer a range of treatment options, including:

  • Depression treatment
  • Anxiety treatment
  • Bipolar disorder treatment
  • PTSD treatment

Memphis Recovery Can Help You Overcome Your Addiction

There are a lot of rehab centers in Tennessee, but few offer the same level of quality as Memphis Recovery. We put the needs of our clients first and create custom treatment plans that address each client’s unique needs.

We offer both men’s and women’s rehab programs. In addition, we offer several other addiction treatment programs, including:

From alcohol to heroin addiction, our friendly staff is here to help. In fact, we teach our clients and their families with educational lectures. Our goal is to educate everyone about addiction because the disease affects both sides. We believe that you have to fully understand addiction to truly overcome it.

Don’t feel like you have to overcome your addiction alone. Let Memphis Recovery help you beat it once and for all. Contact Memphis Recovery Centers at 901-272-7751 today!