man yawning from Opiate Withdrawal

Opiate Withdrawal

Prescription painkillers, heroin, and morphine produce harsh opiate withdrawal symptoms if individuals go too long without using them. These symptoms are uncomfortable, causing feelings like a severe flu that last for a week or longer. To get through relapse healthily and gain the recovery you want, you need the help of a licensed rehab program.…

man passed out on couch with beer bottles due to alcoholism


Despite an opioid epidemic proceeding in the United States, there’s a silent, but massive, long-standing battle against alcohol abuse. People struggle with alcoholism every day. Those showing signs of alcoholic symptoms often fail to get the necessary alcoholism treatment. Furthermore, its full social acceptance in cultures around the globe can easily disguise alcohol abuse. The…

family of four taking a walk for family therapy activities

Family Therapy Activities

Family therapy activities is a useful technique when recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, rather than detox at home. People with substance use disorders don’t only affect their lives; they impact their loved ones as well. Many rehab facilities promote family therapy programs and activities as part of their treatment programs. By involving everyone affected…

young girl with hair blowing in wind feeling Drug Withdrawal

Drug Withdrawal

It’s rarely possible to just stop taking drugs once an addiction has set in. Supervised rehab will help you overcome withdrawal symptoms and develop the mindset you need to achieve sobriety. Here are a few reasons you should trust Memphis Recovery to help you with drug withdrawal. What Happens During Drug Withdrawal? Your body gradually…

unconscious woman on floor with syringe from Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine Abuse

The surging trend toward opioid and methamphetamine abuse has done little to curtail cocaine use. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) claims that nearly 17% of those age 26 and over have used cocaine at least once. If cocaine abuse isn’t decreasing, that only means that the need for rehab is as high as…