Men and women have different needs and concerns that carry over into rehab. They need to seek gender-specific rehab to address those unique needs. Men’s rehab programs tailor to the male disposition and focus on treatment options that are more effective for men. However, there are more benefits of visiting a male-only rehab center than meets the eye. To learn more, please contact Memphis Recovery Centers today at 901-272-7751.

Men Abuse Drugs Differently Than WomenA man with a beard and mustache wearing a tie.

Statistics show that men abuse drugs in several ways that are different than women. For example, it’s more common for men to drink in excess than women. When they do, they’re more likely to engage in risky behavior, too.

Men are also more likely to end up in the hospital because of that dangerous behavior. Death rates among men are higher after heavy drinking as well. Experts believe that these deaths are the result of men’s risky actions.

Also, men have about a 4% rate of drug dependence, whereas women have only a 2% rate. Unfortunately, doctors don’t know why men develop a dependence on drugs more often and quicker than women. Some believe that it’s because of differences in hormones.

The Benefits of Men’s Rehab

Men often feel like they face different social expectations. The idea creates a wall that keeps them from getting the full benefit out of co-ed rehab. Combined with addiction, it keeps them from getting the help that they need. Men’s rehab programs create a supportive environment that breaks down these walls in a way that co-ed rehab centers can’t.

Society as a whole tells men that showing emotion is weak. Men’s rehab programs work to change this destructive thought pattern. Therapists work with men to show them that emotion is crucial to effective communication. Creating a safe place for men to talk and share their feelings aids in addiction recovery.

Experts have found that men have a hard time showing emotion in front of females, even in a supportive environment. Many of them subconsciously believe that showing their emotions to females makes them appear weak. Men’s rehab programs separate them to avoid this problem altogether.

Another benefit of rehab centers for men is a lack of distractions. Overcoming addiction takes people’s full focus. Women inherently distract men because of the laws of nature. Relationships and attraction can blossom in unlikely places, so male rehab centers keep that to a minimum.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Another excellent benefit of our men’s rehab program is that we offer dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment means that we address mental health and addiction simultaneously. This treatment option is ideal, as it ensures that you’ll have the tools you need to recover from both conditions. We offer treatment for a range of mental health conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder

Check Out Memphis Recovery for Male Rehab Options

At Memphis Recovery, we strive to ensure that our clients get the help necessary to overcome their addictions. To achieve that, we offer gender-specific rehab programs. In fact, we offer several addiction treatment services, including:

Beyond offering traditional rehab services, we provide unique options. For example, our clients can partake in music and art therapy. They can even use these alternative types of therapy to reduce stress. Research shows that lowering stress can speed up the recovery process.

Memphis Recovery also offers educational lectures about addiction for clients and their family members. The idea is to educate people about addiction. The more that clients know, the easier it is for them to overcome it. Teaching families about addiction breaks down the walls that the disease has formed between members.

Don’t fight your addiction alone. Turn to Memphis Recovery for help. Learn how our friendly and helpful staff can lead you down the path to recovery. Call us today at 901-272-7751 or contact us online.