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Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms

There’s a massive prescription drug crisis in the United States, and it’s not just people having addictions to pain medications. One of the most significant issues we face today is that people develop addictions to medications like the sedative Xanax. These medications are typically for those who struggle with a severe anxiety disorder, but they’re…

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Qualities of a Successful Teen Drug Rehab in Memphis

Millions of teenagers across America are affected by serious drug or alcohol problems. Like adults, teens need professional help to recover from these problems safely. However, the needs of teens in substance treatment differ from the needs of adults in substance treatment. A well-designed teen drug rehab center understands this difference. Look for certain telltale…

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3 Benefits of Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Today, over twenty million Americans have diagnosable problems with drugs or alcohol. All of these people need help from some kind of recovery program. If you struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, you can recover from substance problems by enrolling in an outpatient program in some cases. However, there is often a need for inpatient…

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Celebrating World Mental Health Day in October

In recent decades, countries around the world have grown more aware of the importance of mental health. They have also become more aware of the need for effective mental health and addiction treatment. However, much work remains to be done in highlighting these issues. The annual event known as World Mental Health Day seeks to…

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Prescription Drug Rehab: Getting the Help You Need

If you’re struggling with an addiction to a medication your doctor gave you, prescription drug rehab at Memphis Recovery Centers can be the answer to getting healthy again. There’s no need to settle for a life of addiction when you have options. Our team ensures you have the opportunity to begin the road to recovery,…

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Recognizing World Suicide Prevention Day

Friday, September 10th, is World Suicide Prevention Day. This annual event puts a spotlight on the ongoing crisis of suicide across the globe. It also serves as a reminder that suicide is a preventable cause of death. Depression, America’s most common mental illness, often plays a part in suicidal behavior. If you’re affected by this…

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Signs You Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol is widely used across the country. Unfortunately, millions of those alcohol consumers end up with serious drinking problems. If you’re affected by such problems, it’s time to consider an alcohol addiction treatment program. But how can you tell if you need alcohol addiction treatment? Many signs or symptoms can indicate that you are a…