Suffering from anxiety leads many people to substance abuse and addiction. Of course, while self-medicating anxiety with drugs or alcohol seems to work at first, you soon realize that your substance abuse makes your problems worse. This also means you need addiction and anxiety disorder treatment at a leading rehab facility. Through this quality treatment, you can gain control over your addiction and anxiety at the same time.

About Anxiety Disorder with Addiction

A man with a beard and mustache wearing a tie.Anxiety is normal when it occurs in balance with significant life events. However, anxiety running rampant affects your life in many negative ways. You feel such intense fear and worry that you can no longer function. Drinking or doing drugs only makes your condition worse. When these problems occur, you need help from anxiety disorder treatment as part of your addiction rehab program.

Anxiety is just one co-occurring condition of mental illness frequently pairing with addiction. These two conditions form what doctors call a dual diagnosis. In your dual diagnosis, your anxiety and substance abuse fuel each other, creating a cycle of struggle and despair that proves difficult to break.

Through addiction and anxiety disorder treatment you gain a more balanced and stable life. You learn how to cope with your conditions and keep anxiety attacks from happening. You can break the cycle of your two conditions by getting treatment for both at the same time.

When Your Loved One Needs Addiction and Anxiety Disorder Treatment

When someone you love struggles with addiction and anxiety, your life becomes a struggle, too. Watching your loved one suffer and feeling powerless to help puts your hopes and dreams on hold, as much as it does theirs.

However, you can help your loved one get the addiction and anxiety disorder treatment they need. Some suggestions for providing this help include:

  • Learn about anxiety symptoms and treatments
  • Suggest rehab treatment for addiction and anxiety
  • Encourage your loved one to talk to a rehab treatment program
  • Contact a rehab to learn about available programs
  • Avoid judgment or making your loved one feel guilty
  • Support the loved one as they seek and engage in help

Do I Really Need Help for Addiction and My Anxiety Disorder?

Having an anxiety disorder drives many people into addiction. Therefore, you should not feel guilt or shame about your need for rehab treatment. However, getting this help is vital toward the enjoyment of a brighter future without either problem.

When you suffer from anxiety, this condition interferes with every aspect of your life. It makes functioning like others difficult on a daily basis. Your symptoms prevent you from enjoying your work, concentrating on tasks, and establishing or building healthy relationships. You stop achieving goals in life and stand on the sidelines as others realize their dreams, while you feel stagnant in addiction and anxiety.

Suffering from anxiety also keeps you from going places you want to enjoy. Some people rarely leave their homes at all. Others use alcohol or drugs to “socially lubricate” or “pregame” before leaving home.

If you suffer anxiety and addiction, you likely struggle with other health conditions linked to these disorders. These include high blood pressure, heart disease, and respiratory problems. You also put yourself at higher risk for suicide or accidental overdose. However, through a quality addiction and anxiety disorder treatment program, you can regain a healthier life with the enjoyment, relationships, career, and future you really want.

Quality Addiction and Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Memphis

At Memphis Recovery Centers, your loved one gets the addiction and anxiety disorder treatment program help he or she needs. This residential rehab includes key programs and services proven to work for lasting sobriety and relief from symptoms of anxiety disorders. Dual diagnosis treatment and the anxiety disorder treatment program at Memphis Recovery include:

When you feel ready to end your anxiety and addiction, call Memphis Recovery Centers at 901-272-7751 for this critical and life-changing help. Don’t wait for addiction and anxiety disorder treatment, as rehab can help you live the life you deserve. Call now.