Deciding to get help for your addiction is one of the best things you can do. Not only will your life improve drastically by overcoming your addiction, but so will the lives of your loved ones. Although you already know that life can be much better in sobriety, there can be concerns and worries about treatment. This is especially true when people consider going to a residential treatment program. However, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

Why a Residential Treatment Program?

A man considers his need for a residential treatment program or residential rehab program in memphis tnIf you’re in Tennessee, one of the best choices you can make is to take the first step by going to a residential rehab program in Memphis TN. Many people hear about residential treatment, but they don’t think they need to do it. The addicted mind does whatever it can to keep you as close to relapse as possible because it doesn’t want you to get well. The reason a residential treatment program is necessary early in recovery is that it puts distance between you and your substance.

People who try to go straight to an outpatient program have a much higher relapse rate for many different reasons. Think about how many times you made a promise to yourself that you weren’t going to get drunk or high that day. Now, think about how many times that even though you didn’t want to, you did anyway. Addiction is an extremely cunning, baffling, and powerful mental illness that makes you lose the power of choice.

By going to a residential treatment program, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re safe from yourself. Some of the primary benefits of going to a residential rehab program in Memphis TN include the following:

  • Safe, structured environment
  • Peer support
  • Time away from family, friends, and work to focus on yourself
  • Qualified support from the staff
  • Higher chance of long-term recovery

What Happens at a Residential Treatment Program?

One of the biggest misconceptions about a residential rehab program in Memphis TN is that it’s completely locked down. Movies and TV shows make it seem as though rehab is similar to a prison. In reality, at an inpatient drug rehab, the goal is to let you experience life as fully as possible without drugs or alcohol. The residential treatment program provides you with structure while also helping to teach you how to live in everyday situations.

Structure is extremely important in early recovery because it keeps you occupied and focused. In active addiction, you may have found it difficult to maintain a job due to showing up late. Your friends and family members may have resentments towards you because they can’t rely on you to show up. By living in a structured environment in early recovery, your brain begins to prioritize personal accountability, which will greatly improve your life.

What Happens After a Residential Treatment Program?

Depending on how you do at a residential rehab program in Memphis TN, the length of stay may vary. After residential treatment is over, you’ll then transition to an outpatient program. Outpatient treatment is extremely beneficial because it helps you transition back into life with support. You’ll move back home and sometimes go back to work. This transition is sometimes overwhelming, which is why outpatient treatment helps.

When you continue to strengthen your recovery through outpatient treatment, you realize that you can face the world successfully. You’ll be with others who are also transitioning back into their lives and facing the same struggles as you. You’ll also still have the benefit of licensed professionals helping you and your peers navigate this new life of recovery.

Memphis Recovery Centers is here to provide you with hope. We want you to know that you no longer have to drink or use drugs and can live the amazing life that you deserve. Not only do we offer residential and outpatient programs, but we also provide six months of aftercare. Some of the methods we use here to help people recover include:

If you’re ready to make the best decision of your life and start a residential treatment program, call us today at 866-672-7378.