Many people think of rehab as what they see in television shows or movies. Sure, rehab is where you stop abusing drugs or alcohol. But those portrayals don’t accurately reflect the full rehab experience. For lasting recovery, you must put in the hard work to gain greater stability through quality mental health programs.

Your beautiful, stable future certainly awaits you with quality addiction treatment. In rehab, you gain access to the skills, education, therapies, and mental health programs you need to achieve the life you want. Sure, it takes effort and practice. On the other hand, consider how much work your addiction really includes and you can easily see the value of shifting into sobriety.

Mental Health Programs in Rehab

A group of adults participate in a group therapy activity as a part of their mental health programs in TNMental health programs play a big role in rehab. You need a variety of therapies, education, and support to relearn how to live a sober life. All of this takes place in a rehab offering mental health programs in TN.

Memphis Recovery understands your long journey into and out of addiction. In this CARF-accredited rehab, professionals also address your struggles with personality disorder types, depression, anxiety, trauma, and other mental conditions. Most importantly, you get the help you need for lasting recovery from both addiction and mental illness.

People with co-occurring conditions of addiction and mental illness need a wide range of therapies to regain mental stability. If you suffer a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental illness, you do not stand alone. Many experts recognize about half of all people stuck in the cycle of addiction also experience mental illness.

Even people without a dual diagnosis still need mental health treatment in rehab. You know addiction takes a toll on your body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, your recovery must include a mix of therapies, support, and education designed around your individual needs. You must relearn how to live a healthy life and prevent relapse.

Types of Mental Health Programs in Rehab

Your rehab experience includes a broad mix of mental health approaches. At Memphis Recovery, these programs include:

At first, going through mental health programs in TN rehab feels foreign and a bit uncomfortable. However, you quickly learn how to get the most from these sessions. Soon, you look forward to meeting with your therapist as well as the privacy those meetings give you for tackling your biggest problems. In group therapy, you learn more about your addiction, as well as how to interact with others in healthy ways.

Art and music therapies give you a creative outlet and a voice from deep within yourself, one not always expressed through discussions. These therapy sessions bring many of your deepest fears and struggles to the surface. You then work on those problems with your therapist during your mental health programs in TN rehab.

Therapies and Programs You Need for Lasting Recovery

In Memphis, Tennessee, Memphis Recovery Centers provides the programs, therapies, education, and support you need for strong, lasting recovery. This CARF-accredited residential, PHP, and IOP rehab recognizes you need individualized care for long-term wellness. Memphis Recovery also knows that your best chance of a bright future and freedom from addiction starts with quality mental health treatment.

By reaching out to our quality Tennessee rehab program, you take a big first step into your healthier future, soon leaving addiction behind. You learn from your mistakes and pave an easier pathway to lasting recovery, with the right mental health programs. So make this call to start building your best life now. Start working toward a better life now by calling Memphis Recovery Centers at 866-672-7378.